My Trip on the Celebrity Edge

My Trip on the Celebrity Edge

Some of you already know that I had the pleasure of experiencing a couple of days on Celebrity’s newest ship. It’s decked out with more amenities and views than I could take in on my three day cruise. Because I care about sending you on the best cruise possible, it’s important that I give you a first-hand account of what I loved most about this ship.

This ship has a lot to offer, and more than I can fit into just one post. So, I’m going to talk about some of my favorite things I saw on the Celebrity Edge

The Entertainment

The entertainment on this ship was fabulous!  I didn’t get to experience everything since there is so much to offer and I was only onboard a few days but what I did find onboard was great. The stage shows were amazing. The singers were good and the performers were out of this world. The stage is surrounded with a huge screen, so this is definitely and immersive experience to say the least.

I had anytime dining during my cruise. On the last night, one of the production guys who designed the screens sat with us for dinner. He was from California and was telling me all about how he did his job.  It astonished me what these people were able to do with the lights and sound. My very favorite thing was Club Eden! You have to just experience it. I would love to cruise a full 10 night cruise to experience all that it has to offer.

I suggest watching the video of it here to get a sneak peak of what I saw

Magic Carpet

This was a very cool idea.  Its stops on different floors and has several purposes.  We actually got on it to take it around the whole ship to experience the new tenders.  I’ve never experienced anything like this on a cruise line before. No cruise line has anything like it either. There s pure comfort seating and air conditioned. The best part is the waiting area to get on and off the carpet. This is actually part of why it’s called the Celebrity Edge. You get to experience the whole ship from the magic carpet, which is quite literally on the edge of the ship.

The Cabins and Balconies

We were in a balcony cabin.  The new balconies are really different.  There are bi-fold doors that open and close. The window opens down halfway so that you are truly never outside. You also have the option of closing the window and darkening the blind so you feel like you are in an inside cabin.  I toured all the types of cabins and the full suites were amazing.  Some are as big as a good size home.

See what they look like in this video.

The Spa

I did splurge and get a seaweed wrap. The spa was one of the most relaxing two hours of my life in there.  The staff was wonderful, and I truly let all the stress of the world melt away.  I also took a meditation class. That was fun as well.  Celebrity Edge doesn’t just have amenities that help you relax, but the spa and staff were just as helpful in helping me destress.

I Can Send You There

If you’d like to hear more about the trip, give me a call and we can chat! Stay tuned for more deals from Celebrity and ask me how I can get you on the Edge. These are just four of the many things that make this ship like nothing else I’ve ever cruised on.

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