FREE Airfare on Ocean Voyages with Viking!

FREE Airfare on Ocean Voyages with Viking!

Through the end of March, Viking Cruises is offering reduced fares and FREE airfare on ocean voyages.  Immerse yourself in history as you explore the trade routes of the middle ages.  Travel to the Viking homelands and view snowcapped mountains, magnificent fjords, and stunning waterfalls.  Sail the Norwegian Sea and journey to what was once believed to be the “end of the world,” where sea monsters lurked.  Discover where East meets West as you admire ancient Mediterranean treasures.  These itineraries are carefully crafted and will leave an impression on you and your guests that will last a lifetime.  Call Kims Kruises and book today!

Valid on bookings through March 31, 2023

Featured Ocean Voyages:

Trade Routes of the Middle Ages – 15 days / 10 guided tours / 7 countries

  • Spain (Barcelona, Cartagena, Grenada)
  • Portugal (Porto)
  • England (Falmouth, Portsmouth)
  • France (Paris)
  • Belgium (Bruges)
  • The Netherlands (Amsterdam)
  • Norway (Bergen)

Ancient Mediterranean Treasures – 8 days / 6 guided tours / 2 countries

  • Turkey (Istanbul, Troy, Ephesus)
  • Greece (Rhodes, Crete, Athens)

Viking Homelands – 15 days / 11 guided tours / 6 countries

  • Norway (Bergen, Eidfjord, Stavanger, Oslo)
  • Denmark (Alborg, Copenhagen, Bornholm)
  • Germany (Berlin)
  • Poland (Gdansk)
  • Aland Islands (Mariehamn)
  • Sweden (Stockholm)

Iceland & Norway’s Arctic Explorer – 15 days / 8 guided tours / 3 countries

  • Iceland (Reykjavik, Isafjordur)
  • Svalbard (Longyearbyen)
  • Norway (Honningsvag, Tromso, Lofoten, Narvik, Geiranger, Bergen)

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