Best Cruise Deals for Short Getaways

Best Cruise Deals for Short Getaways

Not only are you longing to unwind and set sail, your mind and body is whispering rather loudly that you NEED to.  Holding you back might be that you are unable to be gone for a week or more.  Perhaps cost is the deterrent.  Either way, your problems are solved via the best cruise deals for short getaways with Princess Cruises!  Beautiful destinations and exciting itineraries await.  Call Kim’s today to book your spot on these short, yet wonderfully relaxing getaways!

Featured Destinations:

Pacific Coast Getaways (from $199)

  • 2-Day Pacific Coastal Getaway – Seattle, Vancouver (Canada)
  • 3-Day Pacific Coastal – San Francisco, Vancouver (Canada)
  • 4-Day Pacific Coastal Getaway – Los Angeles, Vancouver (Canada)
  • 5-Day Pacific Coastal Getaway – Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver (Canada)

California Coast Getaways (from $279)

  • 3-Day West Coast Getaway – Los Angeles, Ensenada (Mexico)
  • 4-Day West Coast Getaway with San Diego – Los Angeles, San Diego, Ensenada (Mexico)
  • 5-Day Comedy Themed West Coast Getaway with San Diego – San Francisco, San Diego, Ensenada (Mexico)

Mexico Getaway (from $379)

  • 5-Day Cabo San Lucas Getaway – Los Angeles, Cabo San Lucas (Mexico)

Caribbean Getaways (from $419)

  • 4-Day 80’s Themed Bahamas Private Island Getaway – Ft. Lauderdale, Princess Cays (Bahamas)
  • 5-Day Caribbean Getaway with Cozumel – Ft. Lauderdale, Costa Maya (Mexico), Cozumel (Mexico)
  • 5-Day 80’s Themed Caribbean Getaway with Cozumel – Galveston, Progreso (Mexico), Cozumel (Mexico)
  • 5-Day Caribbean Getaway with Grand Turk – Ft. Lauderdale, Princess Cays (Bahamas), Grand Turk (Turks and Caicos)

Other exciting destinations available.  Call Kims Kruises at 330.877.7770 to learn more!

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