Where Would You Rather Be?

Where Would You Rather Be?

Where would you rather be… The Panama Canal cruise itinerary offers the tranquility of the Caribbean, the flavor of Mexico, and the exotic culture of Central America while experiencing a man-made engineering wonder. The Panama Canal is a bucket list destination for many people — especially those that want to experience the new locks.

With the Princess Plus Program – Complimentary Beverages, Wi-Fi and Gratuities, and your Future Cruise Credits, this destination is perfect for the long anticipated vacation.  Many fall dates are available for the full or partial transit or plan ahead for 2021.  You can also schedule a One-Week Cruisesale for the reduced deposit of $100 per person.

Panama Canal 2020-2021

Princess Cruises® is #1 cruise line in the Panama Canal. They were the first to take guests through the locks in 1967, and they continue to take more guests through the Canal each year than any other cruise line. Princess offers three ways to experience the Panama Canal – roundtrip from the East Coast, roundtrip from the West Coast, or a full transit from ocean to ocean. This season includes their largest deployment to the Panama Canal, featuring the debut of Emerald Princess® sailing through the new locks.

1. #1 Cruise Line Sailing the Panama Canal
Princess is the #1 cruise line sailing the region, as they take more passengers through the Panama Canal than any other cruise line. Princess has been crossing the canal for over 50 years, and their onboard destination experts explain the history and culture of Panama over the ship’s intercom as you cross the canal! There are options ranging from 10 to 22 days, to and from Ft. Lauderdale, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Vancouver, B.C.

2. A Marvel of Engineering
There’s no better way to see this bucket-list destination than on a cruise with Princess. Get up close to the historic canal locks or experience the new locks, which opened in 2016, and marvel as your ship is raised and lowered in the locks by gravity alone! Sail either round trip from Los Angeles,or Ft. Lauderdale, or complete a full ocean-to-ocean transit between the two! Every option includes scenic cruising through Gatun Lake and optional excursions that provide deeper exploration into the engineering and history behind the building of the Canal.

3. Travel Beyond the Canal
Princess truly knows this region and we craft our itineraries to allow our guests to discover the best beaches of the Caribbean, scenic Gatun lake, the lush rainforests of Costa Rica, and the diverse cultures of Central America, as well as inside the Canal, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cartagena.

4. Best Cruises for Enrichment*
Our Discovery™ Recommended shore excursions include riding the historic rails of the Panama Canal Railway and visiting Soberania National Park. You won’t want to miss a visit to Costa Rica’s famed Sloth Sanctuary, an Animal Planet™ Exclusive tour. Our Encounters at SEA with Discovery™ speaker series includes local experts that provide live commentary as you transit the locks, as well as guest lectures. Immerse yourself in the cultures of the region with Carnaval de Panama, part of our Festivals of the World celebration.

Unlock the Wonder of the OceanMedallion™
Enjoy more time to do what you love with Princess® MedallionClass™ on Island Princess® and Caribbean Princess® sailings. It begins with your OceanMedallion,™ a quarter-size device that never needs to be turned off or on. On your ship, it replaces your key, passport and credit card. All you have to do is wear it and almost anything you want is at your fingertips — a burger and beer, directions to your favorite show, faster boarding, even casino games.

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