Sail All Five Great Lakes w/ Viking!

Sail All Five Great Lakes w/ Viking!

Spanning 96,400 square miles, the Great Lakes is the largest freshwater system in the world.  Now is the time to set sail with Viking Cruises on an expedition across these historic waterways.  Breathe in the misty air of Niagara Falls.  Admire the unparallelled beauty of the ruggest coast of the Canadian Maritimes.  Discover sea caves by kayak.  Gain insight into the unique features of remote wilderness islands.  Stroll the quaint, car-free streets of Mackinac Island.  There is so much to experience and discover in this area of the world.  Book today with just a $25 deposit, plus get reduced airfare!  Call Kims Kruises today at 330.877.7770, and let’s get you on board!

Featured Cruises:

Great Lakes Collection – 15 days (Duluth to Toronto)

  • Duluth, Minnesota
  • Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
  • Lake Superior
  • Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan
  • Mackinac Island, Michigan
  • Door Peninsula, Wisconsin
  • Alpena, Michigan
  • Frazer Bay, Ontario, Canada
  • Killarney, Ontario, Canada
  • Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada
  • Windsor, Ontario, Canada
  • Niagara Falls, Ontario
  • Welland Canal, Canada
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Canadian Discovery – 13 days (New York City to Toronto)

  • New York City, New York
  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Prince Edward Island, Canada
  • Cap-aux-Meules, Quebec, Canada
  • Sept-Iles, Quebec, Canada
  • Saguenay, Quebec, Canada
  • Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
  • Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada
  • Seaway Locks
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Undiscovered Great Lakes – 8 days (Thunder Bay to Milwaukee)

  • Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
  • McGarvey Shoal, Ontario, Canada
  • Silver Islet, Ontario, Canada
  • Duluth, Minnesota
  • Soo Locks
  • Mackinac Island, Michigan
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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