Every day is Black Friday with Celebrity Cruises

Every day is Black Friday with Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises best vacation offer is now yours for more than just one Friday out of the year. Starting now, every sailing you book with Celebrity includes drinks, Wi-Fi, and tips—always.

And, you can make your cruise more incredible with unlimited premium drinks and shore excursions when you upgrade to ELEVATE. And, it gets better. Choose an INDULGE package and you’ll also get unlimited streaming Wi-Fi and an onboard credit to spend almost any way you like.

  • Europe
    Discover fascinating history and culture in the Old World. From renowned cuisines to unforgettable ancient cities, experience the incredible destinations we visit on an award-winning vacation with the best cruise line in Europe.
  • The Caribbean
    Relax on sandy beaches with warm breezes and recharge in paradise. Island-hop all year long and experience a tropical blend of rhythms, flavors, and natural beauty as you soak up the endless sunshine.
  • Alaska
    Journey through the wilds of the Last Frontier and discover the natural wonders that await. Experience an unforgettable adventure where you’ll get up close and personal with incredible glaciers, fjords, snow-capped glaciers, and fantastic wildlife as you make your way to unforgettable destinations.
  • Bermuda
    Stroll world-renowned pink sand beaches. Grab some fins and a mask and dip below the surface for a glimpse of an underwater wonderland. From legendary world-class golf courses to water sports and fine dining, experience some of the most unique things on a tropical island escape.
  • Australia & New Zealand
    Set sail down under and experience a vacation that brings the farthest reaches of the world closer than you ever imagined. From the lush landscapes and volcanic mountains of New Zealand to bustling, cosmopolitan cities of Australia.
  • Asia
    Discover the natural beauty, thrilling culinary flavors, and amazing landmarks of the East as you visit some of the most vibrant port cities in this part of the world. Stroll one of the world’s most modern cities one day, and the next day, you’ll witness rituals and customs that have endured for centuries.
  • South America
    From the colorful, cosmopolitan streets of Buenos Aires — known as “The Paris of South America” — to the soaring mountains and national parks of Punta Arenas, Chile, explore the alluring warmth and majestic grace of this exciting region.

New benefits and more flexibility up to 48 hours before you sail.

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